A Blessing of Half Century Plus Members

A Blessing pronounced on April 4, 2008, by Rabbi Barry H. D. Block

Dear God,
We ask your blessings
this night
on these men and women,
who have devoted themselves to Temple Beth-El
as continuous adult members
for a half century or more.
They affiliated as young men and women,
with a sense of loyalty,
with a connection to their heritage,
with faith in You,
O God.
Lives have taken many twists and turns
across the decades.
Here, in Your holy Temple,
they have celebrated life’s greatest joys.
Here in Your holy Temple,
they have marked their darkest days.
In this great Sanctuary of the Lord,
they have asked Your guidance,
they have sought Your solace,
they have come at their hours of need.
To Beth-El, Your House, O God,
they have come to
observe the Sabbath,
to mark Your holy days,
to educate themselves,
their children,
and even their grandchildren.
They have sustained
a magnificent Temple to Your glory.
They have built
a community for themselves
and for those who come after them.
They have served
our Jewish people
and all humankind,
with acts of caring,
with generosity
and a giving spirit.
They have been patient, too,
O God.
Prayer books have changed.
Rituals have evolved.
One generation of rabbinic leadership
gave way to another,
and now to a third.
Their lives were sanctified by Rabbi Jacobson.
Their days have been enriched by Rabbi Stahl.
Now, tonight,
may I be worthy of bestowing this blessing upon them.
O God,
grant joy to each of these men and women,
satisfaction in their service to our Temple,
fulfillment in the congregation they embrace,
holiness in their devotion to You.
May their loyalty and their love
ever inspire the generations who come after them,
even as they were touched by those who went before.
Bless each of them,
as they bless Temple Beth-El,
tonight and always.